Post Summer Pick-Me-Up


End of summer blues? I know the feeling – nostalgically looking back on your long, lazy, sand filled days with a slight twinge regret for all the things you didn’t get to check off your summer bucket list. There’s only one cure for this type of post Labor Day sadness: getting to think about your fall wardrobe. So to redirect your mind to a more inspiring place let’s dream together about boots, jackets, hats and everything else that the changing season will bring to our closet.

  1. Boots of all heights & prints:
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2. Coats & Jackets & Capes, oh my:

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3. Sweater weather & layers:

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#TBT: Fendi at the Trevi

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Given that we’re on the brink of New York Fashion Week, I thought I’d use this Tuesday night to throw it back to one of the most iconic fashion shows of all time: Fendi’s Fall 2016 Couture. Let us begin…

Here I was thinking that couture season itself was enough of a treat – a fantastical escape from the mundane if you will. Getting to see the clothes that inspire your imagination to wander into the places it has long since left since childhood is surely enough on its own, right? Well I thought so too…until I saw the backdrop to the Fendi show. 

There’s something about imaginative clothing in an epically grand location that imprints the show’s majesty into the viewer’s mind long after couture week has ended (Exhibit A: I’m still thinking about it in September!). Not only did the Trevi fountain play to that idea, but who would have guessed that a fountain could transform into a runway? Last time I checked only the divine could walk on water, although one could say that the models looked like goddesses in their own right. In fact, the show actually felt like witnessing something otherworldly. A perfect 90th anniversary show!   

Now lets break down the looks: 

Whimsical Embroidery: A certain playful Dolce & Gobanna-esque whimsy was in the air. Countless fairytale like scenes were splattered across gowns and coats alike. 

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Furs: Fur coats, dresses and accents dominated the runway.  Though I love the texture and looks that fur makes possible, it honestly always makes me cringe to see real fur on the runway. Not to be a downer, but I prefer faux.

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Florals: Although florals can get a bit redundant in my opinion, Fendi found a way to make them romantic and modern in the same breath. 

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Coats and Capes: Did all of those capes make you want to be the star of your own fairytale too? 

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Chutzpah, Episode 2

So…I finally got around to making Episode 2 of my podcast! So you know, I’ve changed the podcast’s title from Chelsea’s Modern Podcast to Chutzpah, as I feel it gives off a better impression of what I want the show to be about (living life consciously, with nerve & belief in yourself).

So enjoy this episode, which discusses why feeling ashamed about where you’re from is a big old waste of time!

Episode 2: Zip Code Shame


Giambattista Valli Fall 2016 Couture

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Recipe: Giambattista Valli Couture

Directions: Mix 2 cups of Disney princess sleeves with 1 quart of tulle. Add 3 tablespoons of Elizabethan collar. Sprinkle mixture with fine florals and jeweled accents and stir well. Let bake in the atelier of an Italian mastermind until Paris fashion week. And boy is the product worth the wait!

Seeing the Giambattista Valli couture looks from Paris shot me into a fantastical dreamlike state with visions of tulle consuming my mind for days to come. Let’s take a walk through the different phases of runway genius that left my inner Victorian queen dying for a wardrobe update.

Fantastic Florals: For the opening section of the show there was an innocent sort of romance that dominated the looks. Soft, feminine florals covered pure white fabrics that transported me to the grassy countryside of a Jane Austen novel. 

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Romantically Regal: As seen in Dior Cruise the return of the puff sleeve is here to stay! Tulle, silk, taffeta, you name it – the sleeves took the main stage adding drama and a sense of regality countless tops, dresses and gowns.

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Gowns for a Goddess: The gowns shown toward the end of the show, were well worth the wait. The first few gown varied in pale pastel colors, each romantically feminine from their shear  fabric, flowing trains and draping sleeves. The two gowns that closed the show were what we all look for at a couture show – something otherworldly yet stunning that makes you dream a little bigger.

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Dior Fall 2016 Couture

Black and White and Couture all over!

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When looking back at the photos from the Dior Fall Couture show, the clothes felt slightly tame. Don’t get me wrong – the show was beautiful and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of the pieces, but nothing felt revolutionary, dramatic or game-changing.  Rather the catwalk images left me with the underwhelming thought, well that was nice. Though classifying a couture show as “nice” may make it seem like a flop, I’d like to say that refreshing can be just as satisfying as revolutionary.

Here we saw, classic Dior meets Rosie Assoulin meets Alexander Wang, and boy was it cool. Quite modern in its cut out tops, cropped blouses, color scheme and shoe choice, the collection still managed to add an air of sophistication with its classic lines and luxurious embroidery. The mix of the quintessential Dior bell shape with sleek cuts made it the collection feel modern without loosing the decadence of couture we all crave.

Though it wasn’t the craziest show in history, it managed to deliver knock out pieces that still felt fresh and light, which are not two adjectives commonly associated with couture fashion week!


Manus x Machina: Inside the exhibit

So I know it’s been over a month since the Met Gala, but with final exams and figuring out my summer I only got around to seeing the exhibit this past weekend! Better late than never, right? In some ways I was a little nervous to see it. I thought that surely a month worth of anticipation and expectations would leave me disappointed, but I was dead wrong.


Manus x Machina was even more beautiful in person – a dream like experience that transported you to the etherial world of fashion. The exhibit’s focus was on fashion in the age of technology: each piece on display reflecting the intricacies fostered by both hand and machine.

Getting to see so many couture pieces in person was such a transformative experience, and one that deepened my appreciation for the art of fashion even more. My favorite piece was the collection’s centerpiece and showstopper: the Chanel haute couture wedding gown (obviously). With a 20 foot train covered in beads and jewels, the gown stood on a raised platform at the heart of the exhibit. The photos don’t do it justice so if you have access to NYC, it’s worth the visit.

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What I took away from the exhibit was the unbelievable amount of imagination and craftsmanship that goes into fashion. From hand-made techniques to modern inventions such as 3-D printing the ability to manifest couture from one’s imagination is becoming a more practical affair as time goes by.

Tony Awards Best Dressed

The only thing more suspenseful than waiting for the results of an award show is waiting to see what looks will fill the red carpet…and last night the Tonys proved that it’s worth the wait. Though we all could have pretty much guessed that Hamilton would dominate the acceptance speeches, the fashion proved to be far more unpredictable. Here’s my choices for the top 8 best dressed:

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Boss


2. Jourdan Dunn in Zac Posen 


3. Keri Russell in Monique Lhuillier


4. Allison Williams in DKNY


5. Bee Shaffer in Erdem


6. Sophie Okonedo in Zac Posen


7. Zainab Jah in Randi Rahm 


8. Lucy Liu in Zuhair Murad