Chanel Métiers d’Art

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Cara is back, Pharrell is a model, and Frida Kahlo is my new beauty inspiration…there’s only one event that could combine such unlikely elements into one ball of French glamour. The Chanel Métiers d’Art show took place yesterday at the Ritz in Paris and left endless flashes of inspiration in its wake. Since there are so many highlights let’s break it down:

1. The “Models”: I put models in quotes because of the combination of runway novices and veterans that came together. The current face of Chanel No.5, Lily Rose Depp, made her runway début for the brand. Also walking the runway for the first time – correct me if I’m wrong – was Pharrell Williams, not a huge surprise given he’s been a friend to the brand, appearing in Karl’s short films. But the most exciting news of all? CARA CAME BACK! I was reluctantly supportive of the model’s retirement from the industry in order to pursue acting – chase your dreams, ya know – but I have to say I didn’t know how much I missed her until I saw her weave her way between tables in the season’s latest.

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2. The Fashion: The clothes, as always were killer. The artistry that went into each look was breathtaking. A twist of classic Chanel tweed, with woolen scarves and plenty of colorful embroidery made me want to transport back to 1920s Paris. Am I alone here?

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3A. Detailssssss: 

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4. The Guests: From fashion icon Caroline de Maigret to Princess Caroline of Monaco to fashion’s final word Anna Wintour, seeing  the crowd was almost as fun as seeing the clothes.

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5. The Location: Though the room was packed out, I think these photos show the relaxed lounge-like atmosphere of the show. Models walked around tables packed with guests enjoying dinner and a show.

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NYFW Recap: Wang, Beckham & Gurung

In case your Saturday & Sunday were as busy as mine, here’s a recap of the top 3 shows that hit the NYC runway this past weekend.

Alexander Wang:

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The Alexander Wang show was typical of the cool, sporty minimalist we all know and love. Reimagined pinstriped button downs, plunging necklines, decimated denim and a whole lot leather & lace made for a collection full of diversified excitement. Plus the big reveal of Wang’s collaboration with Adidas Originals added to the long-awaited show.

Victoria Beckham:

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Though the runway was filled with florals & pastels, Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2017 collection was anything but typical. Cutout dresses, boxy blouses, & drop waste velvet dresses gave a modern edge to the collection, making each look perfect for the quintessential lady living in the urban world.


Prabal Gurung: 

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Loose silks, off the shoulder sweaters, flared sleeves and slits held together by silver rings – Prabal Gurung once again showed how chic, minimalism can make you feel. Long chartreuse silk skirts, solid knit sweaters in burnt orange and pale rose gowns with sleeves that skimmed the floor: everything in this collection made me want to be that cool, artsy girl who lives in the city and looks like a goddess without trying. Anyone else get that feeling?


#TBT: Fendi at the Trevi

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Given that we’re on the brink of New York Fashion Week, I thought I’d use this Tuesday night to throw it back to one of the most iconic fashion shows of all time: Fendi’s Fall 2016 Couture. Let us begin…

Here I was thinking that couture season itself was enough of a treat – a fantastical escape from the mundane if you will. Getting to see the clothes that inspire your imagination to wander into the places it has long since left since childhood is surely enough on its own, right? Well I thought so too…until I saw the backdrop to the Fendi show. 

There’s something about imaginative clothing in an epically grand location that imprints the show’s majesty into the viewer’s mind long after couture week has ended (Exhibit A: I’m still thinking about it in September!). Not only did the Trevi fountain play to that idea, but who would have guessed that a fountain could transform into a runway? Last time I checked only the divine could walk on water, although one could say that the models looked like goddesses in their own right. In fact, the show actually felt like witnessing something otherworldly. A perfect 90th anniversary show!   

Now lets break down the looks: 

Whimsical Embroidery: A certain playful Dolce & Gobanna-esque whimsy was in the air. Countless fairytale like scenes were splattered across gowns and coats alike. 

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Furs: Fur coats, dresses and accents dominated the runway.  Though I love the texture and looks that fur makes possible, it honestly always makes me cringe to see real fur on the runway. Not to be a downer, but I prefer faux.

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Florals: Although florals can get a bit redundant in my opinion, Fendi found a way to make them romantic and modern in the same breath. 

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Coats and Capes: Did all of those capes make you want to be the star of your own fairytale too? 

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Giambattista Valli Fall 2016 Couture

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Recipe: Giambattista Valli Couture

Directions: Mix 2 cups of Disney princess sleeves with 1 quart of tulle. Add 3 tablespoons of Elizabethan collar. Sprinkle mixture with fine florals and jeweled accents and stir well. Let bake in the atelier of an Italian mastermind until Paris fashion week. And boy is the product worth the wait!

Seeing the Giambattista Valli couture looks from Paris shot me into a fantastical dreamlike state with visions of tulle consuming my mind for days to come. Let’s take a walk through the different phases of runway genius that left my inner Victorian queen dying for a wardrobe update.

Fantastic Florals: For the opening section of the show there was an innocent sort of romance that dominated the looks. Soft, feminine florals covered pure white fabrics that transported me to the grassy countryside of a Jane Austen novel. 

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Romantically Regal: As seen in Dior Cruise the return of the puff sleeve is here to stay! Tulle, silk, taffeta, you name it – the sleeves took the main stage adding drama and a sense of regality countless tops, dresses and gowns.

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Gowns for a Goddess: The gowns shown toward the end of the show, were well worth the wait. The first few gown varied in pale pastel colors, each romantically feminine from their shear  fabric, flowing trains and draping sleeves. The two gowns that closed the show were what we all look for at a couture show – something otherworldly yet stunning that makes you dream a little bigger.

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Dior Fall 2016 Couture

Black and White and Couture all over!

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When looking back at the photos from the Dior Fall Couture show, the clothes felt slightly tame. Don’t get me wrong – the show was beautiful and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of the pieces, but nothing felt revolutionary, dramatic or game-changing.  Rather the catwalk images left me with the underwhelming thought, well that was nice. Though classifying a couture show as “nice” may make it seem like a flop, I’d like to say that refreshing can be just as satisfying as revolutionary.

Here we saw, classic Dior meets Rosie Assoulin meets Alexander Wang, and boy was it cool. Quite modern in its cut out tops, cropped blouses, color scheme and shoe choice, the collection still managed to add an air of sophistication with its classic lines and luxurious embroidery. The mix of the quintessential Dior bell shape with sleek cuts made it the collection feel modern without loosing the decadence of couture we all crave.

Though it wasn’t the craziest show in history, it managed to deliver knock out pieces that still felt fresh and light, which are not two adjectives commonly associated with couture fashion week!


Moschino Resort 2017

If I had to choose one word to describe the Moschino Resort 2017 show it would be this: Groovy. We can always expect the unexpected, fun, and extravagant from Moschino and this time was no exception. Tie-dye, peace signs and flower power took over the runway in this menswear-meets-resort-wear madness, creating a 60’s vibe that transported me to the set of an Austin Power’s flick.

As far as star power goes…this show sparkled. Let’s start with the fact that the first four models to walk down the runway were Victoria’s Secret Angels (past and present): Miranda Kerr, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell and Alessandra Ambrosio. The show also included Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio and Cindy Crawford’s son Presley Gerber. Though the most newsworthy of all models was non other than Gigi & Bella’s little brother Anwar Hadid, who represented the family name in his sisters’ absence. Anwar signed with IMG earlier in the year, making this Moschino show his runway debut…not too shabby for a 16 year old. 

From the combination of youthful newcomers, seasoned runway vets, joyful colors, and fantastical clothing Moschino succeeded yet again in bringing out the imagination in us all.


Marc Jacobs Resort 2017

The Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 was all about bringing back the 1980s – from the models’ crimped and teased hair to the colored animal print that embellished each look. If you like neon & edgy is your thing welcome to fashion heaven! Let’s break down what we saw:

Dresses: The dresses shown at the show were either shiny tie neck frocks or something resembling what my childhood baby dolls wore

Animal Print: Tons of animal print! While zebra print may have taken the lead, leopard and snake skin showed themselves.  

High-waisted skirts: High-waisted skirts that cinched the waste and draped down to the ankle were one of personal favorites. 

Army Greens: Military inspired pieces made an appearance in the show, either as pants to jackets

Oversized sweatshirts: Say goodbye to showing off your curves (if you want): the oversized sweatshirt is back!  Giant zip-ups, baggy bombers and neon MTV pullovers, were layered over countless looks at the show. 

I can’t say that this collection was my favorite of the Resort 2017 shows: I’m not generally inspired by neons, animal print is rare in my wardrobe and I think black and white checkers should be reserved for diner floors. However, there is no denying the impression this collection left and the strong sense identity that it was able to convey.