Chanel Métiers d’Art

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Cara is back, Pharrell is a model, and Frida Kahlo is my new beauty inspiration…there’s only one event that could combine such unlikely elements into one ball of French glamour. The Chanel Métiers d’Art show took place yesterday at the Ritz in Paris and left endless flashes of inspiration in its wake. Since there are so many highlights let’s break it down:

1. The “Models”: I put models in quotes because of the combination of runway novices and veterans that came together. The current face of Chanel No.5, Lily Rose Depp, made her runway début for the brand. Also walking the runway for the first time – correct me if I’m wrong – was Pharrell Williams, not a huge surprise given he’s been a friend to the brand, appearing in Karl’s short films. But the most exciting news of all? CARA CAME BACK! I was reluctantly supportive of the model’s retirement from the industry in order to pursue acting – chase your dreams, ya know – but I have to say I didn’t know how much I missed her until I saw her weave her way between tables in the season’s latest.

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2. The Fashion: The clothes, as always were killer. The artistry that went into each look was breathtaking. A twist of classic Chanel tweed, with woolen scarves and plenty of colorful embroidery made me want to transport back to 1920s Paris. Am I alone here?

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3A. Detailssssss: 

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4. The Guests: From fashion icon Caroline de Maigret to Princess Caroline of Monaco to fashion’s final word Anna Wintour, seeing  the crowd was almost as fun as seeing the clothes.

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5. The Location: Though the room was packed out, I think these photos show the relaxed lounge-like atmosphere of the show. Models walked around tables packed with guests enjoying dinner and a show.

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This time of year we’re all prompted to feel especially grateful. As turkey paraphernalia fills up every corner of our capitalist society, we’re urged to examine our lives and give thanks for all of the good in it. And when we do, I have to say, it feels really good.

Taking time to acknowledge everything you love about your life can really lift your  spirits and put things into perspective. I know I’m not the only one who gets that warm and fuzzy feeling when rattling off a list of reasons to be happy: family, friends, health, education…Netflix, pillsbury crescent rolls…the list goes on.  

So instead of making gratitude an annual occasion, wouldn’t it be nice to consciously be grateful everyday?

Sure, but how? you may ask…

Make it a daily practice.

Just like washing your face, brushing your teeth or marking that morning pot of coffee, make a habit to say something you’re grateful for everyday. You can think it to yourself in the morning as you wake up or write it down before bed at night.

And know that nothing’s too big or too small. For example I can be grateful for shelter and the fact that I’m alive or for the return of Gilmore Girls to Netflix this week: both are fine, nothing’s off limits. 

For me, I have a notebook where I write down what I’m grateful for every morning. I try to get at least 3 things down everyday, often times I do more. And no I don’t always feel like it, heck sometimes if I’m cranky I have trouble finding anything to write down. But once I do, I always feel better.

Gratitude is the best way to shift your mood and remind you of how good you have it.  

It can be easy to forget how fortunate we are, but giving thanks everyday is a great way to remind ourselves. So give it a try if you will. Yes it feels corny, but I swear, being consciously grateful for the other 364 days of the year is worth it!

No makeup, no problem.

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So the other day I was watching an interview on Man Repeller. You know, the one where Leandra Medine (above) interviews Diane von Furstenberg? If you haven’t watched it finish reading this first, click like, tell all of your friends about it and then go and watch the interview. Anyhow, during the interview Diane complements Leandra on how she doesn’t wear any makeup, to which Leandra replied something like I think it sends a good message to women.

It was then that I thought to myself: hmm, I can’t remember the last time I intentionally left my house without makeup. Sure there have been days where I’m pressed for time or feeling under the weather, but for the most part putting on makeup is as routine as brushing my teeth in the morning.

As I watched, I began to agree with Diane. It is great that a young woman can abstain from makeup and be confident enough in herself to own it. I kept thinking: Yeah that’s awesome…for her…but it’s nothing I could ever do.

With that I immediately stopped myself in my mental tracks. And so the internal dialogue war:

Me: Why couldn’t I live my life without makeup?

I: Well for starters I’d look like a troll.

Me: Okay well hating what you look like isn’t really a productive thought, you’re not a troll, get over it.

I: But…

Me: Nope. Forget it. No more makeup for one week. You have to find a way to feel beautiful in your own skin.

I: Okay fine.

So, I did it. The first day it was a little odd, to be honest. Catching glimpses of myself in the bathroom mirror induced a slight internal cringe. I felt ugly and squinty and just flat out awful, but I just kept telling myself girl chill, you’re beautiful just the way you are, believe it!

But, the more I kept at the better I felt and accepting my natural self became easier and easier.

Today is only Friday, aka it’s only day 4 and I can confidently say that I feel great without makeup. No more flinching or worrying when I look in a mirror, just complete acceptance and confidence. And I have to say it feels awesome!!!

Plus there are the practical advantages: it cuts my morning routine time in half AND I can actually rub my eyes when I’m tired or walk into a rain storm without the worry of smudged mascara.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll still wear makeup in the future, like when I go out or on formal occasions. The fact that I no longer need it to feel beautiful is the take away.

I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s been frustrated by the fact that boys are regarded as innately good looking, yet girls are taught to cover their faces with makeup in order to enhance their beauty, feel beautiful and appear more attractive. It’s so nice to let all of that go  – to just be, and have that be enough.

I think for most young women,  feeling completely comfortable in our own skin is a day to day process, and for me this was one more way I was able to practice truly loving and accepting myself. 

PS: watch this British Vogue video that also inspired me to ditch my cosmetic bag!

Monday Muses: Street Style

Regardless of how much I enjoy photos from the runway and editorials, it’s always the street style snaps of fashion week that give me the most fashion inspiration. Though my muses are diverse ranging from editors to bloggers to models, each reminds me of how much fun fashion can be if you let it.


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Giovanna Battaglia, a stylist and editor for Vogues around the globe, is the epitome of the chic Italian girl that D&G ads make us envie. Classic yet fun, gives me endless inspiration.


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Anna Dello Russo, the Italian editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, is the embodiment of every little girl’s fashion fantasies. She reminds me how sometimes more is more.


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Leandra Medine, the world’s favorite Manrepeller, never fails to remind me how much fun dressing for yourself can be.


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Gigi Hadid, the supermodel It-girl of the millennial era, is constantly inspiring me with her sporty cool-girl model off duty style.


MVPs of the Natural Skincare Game

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Just like the food we put into our bodies, what we put on our skin can have effects on our health. Most of us go through our skin care routines without ever reading the ingredients in moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs. For me, learning about all of the harsh chemicals and toxins that were in the products I was using was a huge wake up call!  Ingredients like SLS, PGs, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance not only can strip away natural oils, clog pores, and irritate skin, but have also been linked to organ abnormalities, depression and cancer!(For more information click here, or just google ingredients to avoid in face wash)

Crazy, right? When I started paying attention to what I put on my skin, I came across some new products that I really love. None of them cause my skin to become irritated, oily, or dried out either.

Kora Organics: So I first heard about this brand because I really admire the supermodel Miranda Kerr, who also owns the company and is super passionate about natural living. I have used the three step system that comes with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. The products really worked well for my skin: I felt cleansed, moisturized, but not oily, and blemish free. Though I haven’t tried any other products from Kora, the brand has expanded to include everything from body wash to lip balm, which I’m sure are just as great as the products I’ve used. The only draw back is price. The three step package that I use costs about $160, which is not that sustainable for me being a college student (I got it for Christmas/holidays). But, if you do have the money it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

Juice Beauty: This brand is more affordable, but still more expensive than the cleansers you’ll find at CVS…but hey, your health is worth it, right?! I’ve used Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Milk, which I really love and costs about $22. I feel like it really cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling bright and fresh. The brand makes everything you could ever want for your skin – cleansers, scrubs, masks, moisturizer, eye cream, lip care…the list goes on. I also really love is their makeup. I use a really great CC Cream, that has an SPF, evens my complexion and is really light on my skin.

Acure Organics: This brand is more affordable than the other two, and just as good. I love their facial cleansing gel, brightening facial scrub, and pore minimizing facial scrub. In the past I’ve used their moisturizer and face masks which always leave my skin soft and clear.  Acure also makes makeup, shampoo and even baby products. I own their dry shampoo and lip gloss, which both are amazing!

It’s important to remember that not ever brand is going to be free of every chemical, but for me starting out in the natural living world, I found these three companies to be the best!

NYFW Recap: Wang, Beckham & Gurung

In case your Saturday & Sunday were as busy as mine, here’s a recap of the top 3 shows that hit the NYC runway this past weekend.

Alexander Wang:

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The Alexander Wang show was typical of the cool, sporty minimalist we all know and love. Reimagined pinstriped button downs, plunging necklines, decimated denim and a whole lot leather & lace made for a collection full of diversified excitement. Plus the big reveal of Wang’s collaboration with Adidas Originals added to the long-awaited show.

Victoria Beckham:

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Though the runway was filled with florals & pastels, Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2017 collection was anything but typical. Cutout dresses, boxy blouses, & drop waste velvet dresses gave a modern edge to the collection, making each look perfect for the quintessential lady living in the urban world.


Prabal Gurung: 

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Loose silks, off the shoulder sweaters, flared sleeves and slits held together by silver rings – Prabal Gurung once again showed how chic, minimalism can make you feel. Long chartreuse silk skirts, solid knit sweaters in burnt orange and pale rose gowns with sleeves that skimmed the floor: everything in this collection made me want to be that cool, artsy girl who lives in the city and looks like a goddess without trying. Anyone else get that feeling?


NYFW: Tommy x Gigi

Everything you need to know about the supermodel’s colab with Tommy Hilfiger

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It’s safe to say we can add fashion designer to the long list of Gigi Hadid’s accomplishments. Her long awaited collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger debuted tonight on Pier 16 at South Street Seaport in NYC, and let me say it was worth the wait! The pier was transformed into a carnival – complete with rides, food stands & pop-up shops  – with just enough space carved out for a long boardwalk runway where the new clothes were shown for the first time. The collection – a mix between Gigi’s cool California edge and Tommy’s east coast style – is unique in that it’s already available for purchase. Usually, New York Fashion Week, though it takes place in the fall, showcases clothing that will hit stores in spring of the following year. However, as of late designers have shifted to having their runway clothes match the season they’re shown in. This meaning that the audience can purchase new collections as soon as they hit the runway: no more waiting for 6 months until they hit stores! This new trend referred to as Buy Now Wear Now, is taking hold with designers like Burberry, Tom Ford and of course with Tommy Hilfiger. Check out some of my favorite moments from the tonight’s runway show, which you can watch on!

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