MVPs of the Natural Skincare Game

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Just like the food we put into our bodies, what we put on our skin can have effects on our health. Most of us go through our skin care routines without ever reading the ingredients in moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs. For me, learning about all of the harsh chemicals and toxins that were in the products I was using was a huge wake up call!  Ingredients like SLS, PGs, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance not only can strip away natural oils, clog pores, and irritate skin, but have also been linked to organ abnormalities, depression and cancer!(For more information click here, or just google ingredients to avoid in face wash)

Crazy, right? When I started paying attention to what I put on my skin, I came across some new products that I really love. None of them cause my skin to become irritated, oily, or dried out either.

Kora Organics: So I first heard about this brand because I really admire the supermodel Miranda Kerr, who also owns the company and is super passionate about natural living. I have used the three step system that comes with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. The products really worked well for my skin: I felt cleansed, moisturized, but not oily, and blemish free. Though I haven’t tried any other products from Kora, the brand has expanded to include everything from body wash to lip balm, which I’m sure are just as great as the products I’ve used. The only draw back is price. The three step package that I use costs about $160, which is not that sustainable for me being a college student (I got it for Christmas/holidays). But, if you do have the money it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

Juice Beauty: This brand is more affordable, but still more expensive than the cleansers you’ll find at CVS…but hey, your health is worth it, right?! I’ve used Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Milk, which I really love and costs about $22. I feel like it really cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling bright and fresh. The brand makes everything you could ever want for your skin – cleansers, scrubs, masks, moisturizer, eye cream, lip care…the list goes on. I also really love is their makeup. I use a really great CC Cream, that has an SPF, evens my complexion and is really light on my skin.

Acure Organics: This brand is more affordable than the other two, and just as good. I love their facial cleansing gel, brightening facial scrub, and pore minimizing facial scrub. In the past I’ve used their moisturizer and face masks which always leave my skin soft and clear.  Acure also makes makeup, shampoo and even baby products. I own their dry shampoo and lip gloss, which both are amazing!

It’s important to remember that not ever brand is going to be free of every chemical, but for me starting out in the natural living world, I found these three companies to be the best!


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