#TBT: Fendi at the Trevi

Embed from Getty Images

Given that we’re on the brink of New York Fashion Week, I thought I’d use this Tuesday night to throw it back to one of the most iconic fashion shows of all time: Fendi’s Fall 2016 Couture. Let us begin…

Here I was thinking that couture season itself was enough of a treat – a fantastical escape from the mundane if you will. Getting to see the clothes that inspire your imagination to wander into the places it has long since left since childhood is surely enough on its own, right? Well I thought so too…until I saw the backdrop to the Fendi show. 

There’s something about imaginative clothing in an epically grand location that imprints the show’s majesty into the viewer’s mind long after couture week has ended (Exhibit A: I’m still thinking about it in September!). Not only did the Trevi fountain play to that idea, but who would have guessed that a fountain could transform into a runway? Last time I checked only the divine could walk on water, although one could say that the models looked like goddesses in their own right. In fact, the show actually felt like witnessing something otherworldly. A perfect 90th anniversary show!   

Now lets break down the looks: 

Whimsical Embroidery: A certain playful Dolce & Gobanna-esque whimsy was in the air. Countless fairytale like scenes were splattered across gowns and coats alike. 

Embed from Getty Images

Furs: Fur coats, dresses and accents dominated the runway.  Though I love the texture and looks that fur makes possible, it honestly always makes me cringe to see real fur on the runway. Not to be a downer, but I prefer faux.

Embed from Getty Images

Florals: Although florals can get a bit redundant in my opinion, Fendi found a way to make them romantic and modern in the same breath. 

Embed from Getty Images

Coats and Capes: Did all of those capes make you want to be the star of your own fairytale too? 

Embed from Getty Images


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