Dior Fall 2016 Couture

Black and White and Couture all over!

Embed from Getty Images

When looking back at the photos from the Dior Fall Couture show, the clothes felt slightly tame. Don’t get me wrong – the show was beautiful and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of the pieces, but nothing felt revolutionary, dramatic or game-changing.  Rather the catwalk images left me with the underwhelming thought, well that was nice. Though classifying a couture show as “nice” may make it seem like a flop, I’d like to say that refreshing can be just as satisfying as revolutionary.

Here we saw, classic Dior meets Rosie Assoulin meets Alexander Wang, and boy was it cool. Quite modern in its cut out tops, cropped blouses, color scheme and shoe choice, the collection still managed to add an air of sophistication with its classic lines and luxurious embroidery. The mix of the quintessential Dior bell shape with sleek cuts made it the collection feel modern without loosing the decadence of couture we all crave.

Though it wasn’t the craziest show in history, it managed to deliver knock out pieces that still felt fresh and light, which are not two adjectives commonly associated with couture fashion week!



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