Manus x Machina: Inside the exhibit

So I know it’s been over a month since the Met Gala, but with final exams and figuring out my summer I only got around to seeing the exhibit this past weekend! Better late than never, right? In some ways I was a little nervous to see it. I thought that surely a month worth of anticipation and expectations would leave me disappointed, but I was dead wrong.


Manus x Machina was even more beautiful in person – a dream like experience that transported you to the etherial world of fashion. The exhibit’s focus was on fashion in the age of technology: each piece on display reflecting the intricacies fostered by both hand and machine.

Getting to see so many couture pieces in person was such a transformative experience, and one that deepened my appreciation for the art of fashion even more. My favorite piece was the collection’s centerpiece and showstopper: the Chanel haute couture wedding gown (obviously). With a 20 foot train covered in beads and jewels, the gown stood on a raised platform at the heart of the exhibit. The photos don’t do it justice so if you have access to NYC, it’s worth the visit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I took away from the exhibit was the unbelievable amount of imagination and craftsmanship that goes into fashion. From hand-made techniques to modern inventions such as 3-D printing the ability to manifest couture from one’s imagination is becoming a more practical affair as time goes by.


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