90 Years a Queen


The life, legacy and epic style moments of my favorite monarch:

June 11th marked Queen Elizabeth II’s public 90th birthday – her true birthday is April 26th – and the celebration was just as extravagant as you think. The day started with the Trooping of the Color, where about 1500 soldiers march across Horse Guards Parade in honor of the Queen’s birthday followed by a performance of Britain’s national anthem God Save the Queen.  The whole royal family was in attendance, including William and Kate with children George and Charlotte, making the Queen’s legacy all the more palpable.

Born the eldest daughter to King George VI, Elizabeth was made to rule. In 1947 she married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, who renounced his foreign titles in order to wed the future queen. At the young age of 26 while on a trip in Kenya, Elizabeth received word that her father passed away from ongoing health complications. Returning as the nation’s new queen, Elizabeth was officially coronated on June 02, 1953. In addition to Queen of the United Kingdom, Leader of the Common Wealth, Head of British Armed forces, and mother of 4, Elizabeth holds the title of the nation’s longest reigning monarch.

Let’s look back at some of the most iconic moments that have made
up her life:


Wedding Day: 



Coronation Day:





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