Marc Jacobs Resort 2017

The Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 was all about bringing back the 1980s – from the models’ crimped and teased hair to the colored animal print that embellished each look. If you like neon & edgy is your thing welcome to fashion heaven! Let’s break down what we saw:

Dresses: The dresses shown at the show were either shiny tie neck frocks or something resembling what my childhood baby dolls wore

Animal Print: Tons of animal print! While zebra print may have taken the lead, leopard and snake skin showed themselves.  

High-waisted skirts: High-waisted skirts that cinched the waste and draped down to the ankle were one of personal favorites. 

Army Greens: Military inspired pieces made an appearance in the show, either as pants to jackets

Oversized sweatshirts: Say goodbye to showing off your curves (if you want): the oversized sweatshirt is back!  Giant zip-ups, baggy bombers and neon MTV pullovers, were layered over countless looks at the show. 

I can’t say that this collection was my favorite of the Resort 2017 shows: I’m not generally inspired by neons, animal print is rare in my wardrobe and I think black and white checkers should be reserved for diner floors. However, there is no denying the impression this collection left and the strong sense identity that it was able to convey.


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