I just read: Me Before You

As most basic girls my age, when I saw the trailer for the film Me Before You, I ran out and bought the book. From the previews, I thought I’d be in for a romantic and heartwarming love story – the perfect Nicholas Sparks-esque beach read if you will. However, the book turned out to be so much more.

Without giving anything away, I’ll briefly outline the plot: The story follows the life of a young woman, Louisa, who gets laid off and takes a new job as a caregiver to a quadriplegic, Will, out of desperation. Will is a former adventure-seeker, who had a full life before a motorbike accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Louisa has lived with her parents in the same small town her whole life and is utterly attached to her comfort zone. She’s bubbly, he’s bitterly sarcastic. They clash in the beginning before getting to know each other and ultimately – spoiler – falling in love.

There are plenty of plot twists & turns and things I never saw coming that I won’t detail here. However, I will say this: the whole while I was reading, I thought Louisa was changing Will – making him happy again – when actually it was Will who changed Louisa (and me, the reader, by default). The book showed me that we all have the ability to choose our lives. You can play it safe, live in your comfort zone, and have a small cushy existence, but that’s not what life is about. If you have a life, it’s best to live it – and I mean really LIVE it: push yourself, see your potential, have dreams, pursue them, have fun, travel, love fully, believe in yourself. That’s what the book taught me. It left me examining my life and asking myself how I can live more. I feel – as corny as this sounds – a changed person for having read it.

So for anyone else out there who could use major live-your-life inspiration in the form of a love story read Me Before You!


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