London Calling

In honor of all of the fashion mania going down in London, here’s an old blog post about what spots to hit up next time you’re across the pond:

Recently, I was in London with school and got the chance to completely fall in love all over again with the rainy city 007 calls home. Because my dad is from England, growing up I visited the UK often enough to see family (mainly in Manchester). Though I’d been to London before, on my most recent trip the city felt different. Maybe this was due to the fact that I hadn’t been in 4 years, or maybe after experiencing some college I was able to better appreciate the city’s history and culture. Whatever the case may was, I left this trip completely in love with London and thought I’d share my top 5 favorite landmarks!

Big Ben: Is there anything more English than the world’s most iconic clock tower? Seeing Big Ben is a total must, that will truly make you feel like you’re in London. Seeing the attached Houses of Parliament is equally as fascinating if you’re into politics or English history. Plus being along the Thames is always beautiful and the surrounding area of Westminster is great for shopping and pubs.

Westminster Abbey: I’m a big art & architecture lover so for me churches in general always take my breath away. Plus I’m a kind of obsessed with the royal family, so getting to be in the place where all of the coronations took place and where Will and Kate got married is so much fun! The abbey is incredibly majestic and the amount of details carved in to the walls and ceiling is enough to keep you staring for days! 

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St. Paul’s Cathedral: Like I said architecture and churches are kind of my thing. This church is so beautiful because of its roman style architecture and the grand dome at its center. When looking up at the dome from inside, the intricacy of the mosaic scenes left me staring in awe until my neck started to ache. Plus you can actually go to the top of the dome…how cool?!

The National Gallery of Art: Holy Moly! Not only is the museum’s grand architecture absolutely stunning, but its collection of art doesn’t miss a step! From Caravaggio to Van Eyck to pick-your-impressionist…it’s all there! Not to mention the museum is only a short walk for the National Portrait Gallery (also worth a stop!)

Buckingham Palace: So maybe I spoke to soon about Big Ben being the ultimate symbol of British culture. Buckingham Palace is everything one thinks of when dreaming of royalty. The tall iron gates with gold detailing won’t infringe your view of the massive palace…every time I go the palace’s massive size still shocks me! Getting to witness the changing of the guards is also a pretty unforgettable experience!


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