Gucci Cruise 2017

If I thought it was hard to find a common theme in the Dior show, Gucci made it impossible! Goodbye polished ensembles – hello street style mania.

Westminster Abbey seemed a conservative backdrop for Gucci’s Cruise 2017 collection – but, perhaps this only made the clothes stand out even more. Mixed prints, loads of accessories and endless color made each look unique in its own right. Each model sort of looked like an edgy urban youth who’d  either had a field day in a thrift store or gone to town in their grandmother’s closet – in the best way possible.

It seems to me that this collection was completely inspired by street style. I say this because some pieces resembled pieces from other brands. Look 73 seemed vintage Chanel, while the color and print on Look 47 looked like it belonged in a D&G ad and the romanticism of Look 25 gave me Valentino couture flashbacks. Some looks were polished, while others seemed DIY. From acid washed jeans, to denim jackets with patchwork and writing on them. Oh anddddddd…can all of us 90’s kids rejoice in the return of the platform sneaker?!

Seriously, when flipping through images from the show I felt as though I was looking through one of Phil Oh’s fashion week street style diaries…and I loved it! The sort of 80’s British youth nonconformist mood that ran through the whole show left me really inspired.

I love the way Gucci is taking the terms “individuality” and “personal style” to the extreme and really reflecting the times in its collection. If there’s one takeaway it’s that individuality is in – and the new fashion rules? There are none!


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