Dior Cruise 2017

After a day spent recovering from the genius that was yesterday’s Dior Cruise 2017 show, I’m breaking down the paradoxical trends that strutted down the Blenheim Palace runway:


The show was full of mixed silhouettes. While some looks covered curves with slouchy jumpers and oversized jackets, others extenuated the female form with plunge v-necks and peplum-esque cut skirts and dresses.

And the most exciting news of all? The puffed sleeve is back!

Tops reminiscent of Cinderella’s ballgown or Caroline Sieber’s wedding dress waltzed down the runway, bringing out the inner giddy little girl in us all.

Finally…fitted pants with flared bottoms made up the majority of the show’s trousers. A trend I think I might just be able to get on board with. 

Mixing Prints:

Different looks showed mixed prints. From floral and paisley to pretty much any other pattern you could imagine it’s clear that keeping things cohesive is no longer a priority. More than mixing prints, the show also showed a lot of mixing neutrals. Think color blocking, but with tans, grays, light blues, and pale greens.


Call Leandra Medine! Layering is officially a thing! Let me list all of the ways:

  • Sweaters over button ups
  • Sweaters under slip dresses
  • Dresses over pants
  • Sleevless tops over collared button ups
  • Skirts over tweed pants

Accessory Heaven:

If you’re a student who can actually afford Dior, you’re in luck: Backpacks are in! Yep, you read that right! Backpacks hung off the shoulder of most models in the show. As far as jewelry, chokers continued to have a strong presence. For shoes, lace up sandals and booties with chunky heels were everywhere!

From all of this it’s clear that Dior is championing eccentric shapes and eclectic style.


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