I Just Read: Big Magic

Though this book came out a few years ago, it just recently fell into my lap – and can I just say I’m so freakin’ happy it did?!

Along with fashion, another passion of mine is personal development. Needless to say, the subtext creative living beyond fear immediately grabbed my attention.

Through a candid conversation on creativity, author Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, the woman who wrote Eat Pray Love) reframes how we see inspiration and confronts all of the B.S. that stops us from living creative lives.

From the origins of inspiration and the courage to put an idea into action, to the fear that action invites, to feelings of worthiness and the persistence it takes to finish something, Big Magic leaves no part of the creative process untouched. 

And no, you don’t need to be an artist in the traditional sense to benefit from this book. Big Magic can help anyone with an idea of any size. 

So when planning your reading list for this summer, make sure Big Magic is at the top. It’s a complete game changer, that will leave you inspired, confident and most importantly believing in your own creative abilities. 


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