Slay Queen

It makes sense the Duchess’ first, and most likely last, magazine cover is for British Vogue’s 100 year anniversary.  Though most of us equate monarchies with ball gowns and diamond tiaras, Kate’s feature highlighted the more rural side of the royals.

Dressed in wellingtons, overalls and plaid button downs, the spread shows the future queen posed in an English countryside setting. The shoot’s photos show Kate engaged in the leisures of country-life: riding a bike, leaning against a farm gate, and petting her dog. The sense of ease that she’s come to represent shines through the glossy yet relatable images of the magazine.

Though not a formal interview with Kate, the article discusses her relaxed, flexible, and gracious attitude on set, recalling how she didn’t fuss about what she was wearing, how her hair was looking or the less than desirable temperature outside.

The feature’s images will be housed in London’s National Portrait Gallery, of which the Duchess is a patron.

Magazine Article referenced: Shulman, Alexandra. “Vogue 100.” British Vogue June 2016: 278-86. Print.


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