America’s Favorite Fabric

Denim Days: All the ways to wear America’s favorite fabric

Lately denim seems to have made a huge comeback. From the spike in women wearing overalls to the rising popularity of the jean jacket, it seams that America’s favorite fabric is here to stay. So what are the ways you can rock denim this summer? Easy:

  1. Overalls: Am I the only one obsessed with this trend? Instead of making me feel like a giant baby, overalls actually make me feel chic and relaxed at the same time. Not to mention how freakin’ comfortable they are!
  2. Denim Jacket: I’d go far enough to say that the denim jacket can pack just as much cool as the leather bomber if styled the right way. Pair with black jeans, a white tee, and your favorite sneakers for instant cool kid style.
  3. Denim Vest: Take the above look one step further with a denim vest.
  4. Denim Shirt: A denim shirt can go with pretty much anything – printed pants, shorts, slacks. They’re a comfortable, effortless and instantly chic way to add a carefree vibe to your wardrobe. J.Crew has the best ones in my opinion.
  5. Shredded Jeans: There’s something just so appealing about jeans that look like they’ve been chewed by the shark from Jaws.

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