Boss & Biscuits

Dear Diary,

Today I went to my internship at the fancy art gallery uptown. My boss said to be there by 10am, but she didn’t even arrive until 11:30! When she got there she threw a box of biscuits at me and said “here these are for you, I’m not eating carbs”. Then she talked my ear off about how worried she was about being away from her new puppy for the day (even though the dog was at home with her husband!). For lunch she offered to buy me a salad as long as I went to pick it up from the store. Because we were in a room without windows, I agreed to make the 5 block trek not knowing that it was pouring rain outside. Needless to say I didn’t have an umbrella and was completely soaked by the time I got back with our salads! Later when I looked at the time, I found it strange that it was already 3:45 considering she said we were only working until 3pm. A few minutes later she said “okay let’s wrap things up, I have to be out of here by three”, to which I replied “It’s ten to four”. She then proceeded to freak out as she discovered that the clock on her computer was an hour behind. After wasting about 15 more minutes bitching about how much traffic she would have to sit in, she left in a rush taking the biscuits with her! What day…I’m beat!


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